Welcome to the ERASMUS+ Project:  BOOM! “Boost up your Maths”!

This web page was created with the aim of promoting the work we are developing, which involves students and teachers from five different schools, of many different nationalities: France, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal and Sweden.

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The need for our project is drawn from the feeling, shared by our teachers, that there is a common weakness in our student’s mathematical skills: solving real-life problems and applying math in other subjects.

This situation is problematic, because any difficulty for students to reinvest their theoretical mathematical skills will have consequences for them: their performance in science and technology is markedly reduced, and problem-solving skills are so vital, that inthe 21st century their professional development would be penalized.

Two key-findings can explain the difficulties students are facing:

1. In general, methods of teaching mathematics no longer correspond to the real needs of contemporary students, and the demands of society.

2. The study of Mathematics still suffers from an “elitist” reputation. Students can become easily hampered by a lack of self-confidence and motivation. They are frequently too passive in class, and have trouble working as a team. We would like to develop 

Therefore, the main goal of the Project “Boost Up Your Maths” is to find inclusive ways for improving the ability of all students, including children with special needs; to develop their problem-solving skills, and reinvest their mathematics skills in any situation. We expect the project to have positive impact in a variety of ways, for students and for teachers.